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Autobooks is one of the best payment processors for your business. It allows you to send digital invoices, accept online payments, and manage payment activity all within The Bank of Elk River's online and mobile banking.

Accept & manage electronic payments right from your online banking account.

March 30, 2023

Make running your business easier.

With quick set-up and real-time access to your cash flow, you can spend more time on what matters most.

Perfect for businesses that need to:

  • Streamline accounting processes
  • Accept and manage online payments
  • Pay bills
  • Access real-time financial reporting
  • Remove price as a barrier with low processing fees - 2.89% for credit or debit card payments and 1% for ACH.
Make running your business easier with Autobooks and The Bank of Elk River
Manage your cashflow with Autobooks and The Bank of Elk River.

Manage your cash flow.

Not only do you gain a secure way to get paid directly into your bank account, you’ll also gain access to setting recurring invoices, and tracking incoming and outgoing payment information.

Always Know Your Payment Activity

Quickly see who opened invoices, made payments, and what remains past due. You can also view detailed reports, including balance sheets and general ledgers.

Always know your payment activity with Autobooks and The Bank of Elk River.

Get started

It’s easy to enroll, you’ll just need a few things to get started:

1. A business checking account at The Bank of Elk River (Open Account)

2. A digital banking account (Enroll Here)

Want to see how it works?

Schedule a meeting with an Autobooks expert to see a demo.

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Have questions?

Contact our Business Deposit Specialist, Lynn Backlund.


Lynn Backlund

Business Deposit Specialist


Email: [email protected]


  • What is Autobooks?

    Autobooks is a digital tool that allows business customers to easily send professional invoices and get paid electronically right from their Bank of Elk River digital banking account.

  • Who is Autobooks for?

    Autobooks is for business customers looking to send invoices, accept payments, and manage their cash flow directly from their digital banking accounts.

    The following types of businesses are great fits for Autobooks:

    • Any business that sends a bill/invoice for its product or service
    • Service-based businesses
    • Non-profits seeking to collect donations online
  • What are the benefits of using Autobooks?

    Autobooks is a complete small business solution that helps you streamline your accounting processes so you can spend more time growing your business.

    With Autobooks, you can:

    • Create custom, professional-looking invoices and send them electronically or physically to your customers in seconds.
    • Accept payments by credit/debit card or transfer directly to your bank account.
    • Keep track of which customers have paid you and how much.
    • Share your custom payment link anywhere you communicate with customers: via text message, email, website, or on your social media channels, to name a few.
  • Can I get help getting started?

    Absolutely! The Autobooks team is here to help. Autobooks will even import your customers, outstanding invoices, vendors, and products for you!

    You can:

  • How do I sign up to try it?

    You can enroll by logging into your digital banking account and then selecting Accept Online Payments, or alternatively, you can book a demo with Autobooks by clicking here.

  • Is this safe?

    Yes! Autobooks has partnered with The Bank of Elk River to bring business customers one of the best invoicing and accounting platforms available on the market. Autobooks exceed industry-standard security to protect customer information.

  • Do I have to download any software to use Autobooks?

    No downloads of any kind are required. Autobooks lives entirely inside of your digital banking account.

  • How is this different from Quickbooks?

    Autobooks is built directly into your Bank of Elk River online and mobile banking, so you don't need multiple logins. Additionally, Autobooks is designed with business owners in mind, not accountants, so it's streamlined to focus on receivables, payables, and cash flow while providing a fully functional accounting tool in the background.

  • I already have Quickbooks. Why should I consider switching to Autobooks?

    Autobooks is a powerful business accounting system that keeps everything securely in one place: inside your current digital business account.

  • Does Autobooks replace Quickbooks?

    Yes, it can. Autobooks was built for business owners, not accountants. It is a simple way to keep your business accounting organized. You can import your QuickBooks data to see the difference for yourself. That said, some businesses add Autobooks to their existing systems and utilize Autobooks for its invoicing and payment functionality.