Overdraft Protection Services

Avoid overdraft fees and declined transactions with these great services.

Bounce ProtectionSM

Bounce ProtectionSM1 may remove the risk of a check bouncing, automatic bill payments not clearing, or debit card transactions being declined. It’s affordable checking account overdraft protection you can bank on.

Sweep Transfers 

Automatically transfer funds from your secondary account (like a savings account) to cover insufficient funds in your primary account (such as a checking account). 

Ready Reserve

A revolving line of credit that provides financial freedom and overdraft protection for personal and business checking accounts. Available to use by simply writing a check for purchases.

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Bounce Protection FAQs


Bounce Protection is a non-contractual courtesy available to individually/jointly owned accounts in good standing for personal or household use. Trust and business checking accounts are not eligible for this service. It is not a line of credit, a right, or an obligation guaranteed to you and is a discretionary service. The Bank of Elk River reserves the right to limit participation to one account per household and discontinue this service without prior notice. Bounce Protection is a non-contractual courtesy available to eligible accounts used for personal or household use in good standing.

The Bounce Protection logo is a registered trademark of Pinnacle Financial Strategies.

2Each qualifying account will automatically receive a $700 Bounce Protection limit 60 days after account opening if the following criteria are met during that period: you have at least $1,500 in aggregate deposits, and the account cannot be overdrawn for more than one day.

3The finance charge is determined by the amount advanced and number of days you use the funds. The finance charge is computed at the daily periodic rate of .04931%, which is equivalent to an annual percentage rate of 18%.