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The Bank of Elk River is proud to partner with Banzai, an interactive, award-winning course that has taught millions of people of all ages real-world finance.

These courses use real-life scenarios to demonstrate the power of good financial planning. For kids, teens, and adults, these courses teach basic and advanced financial concepts.


Banzai Junior (8-12)

Banzai Junior provides real-life scenarios that show users how to make wise decisions when faced with financial dilemmas. Designed for kids aged 8 to 12, Banzai Junior uses the storyline of a summer...


Banzai Teen (13-18)

Created for users aged 13-18, Banzai Teen gives teens the opportunity to work through real-life financial problems in a safe environment. Throughout the course, the user's goal is...


Banzai Plus (18 and Over)

Banzai Plus brings the same kind of budgeting simulations from the other Banzai courses and elevates it to an advanced level. With real-life dilemmas, exciting challenges, and the...

We’re proud to partner with ISD728 elementary, middle and high schools to provide free financial education. Here is what students have to say!

"I enjoyed learning the differences between credit cards and debit cards."

"Don’t spend all your money, save and make a budget."

"How to use your money in a smart way and know where it's going. This was kinda fun because when I grow up I want to be a financial advisor."

"Saving money is hard and a lot of effort is needed. Especially since you don't know what can happen at any given moment or time."

"Managing money is hard and I never thought of it like this before, I sure spend money wastefully."

"I learned how to actually budget money…I never really thought about doing it before."