Corey Wemple

Director of Real Estate Lending, NMLS #956625

Ice fishing fanatic. Big Lake athletics coach. Real estate expert.

Corey Wemple has a knack for making your housing dreams a reality. He thoroughly knows the home-buying process and will effortlessly guide you through it. Need a little assistance figuring out how much mortgage you can afford? Corey shines at listening to his customers and helping them identify a budget.

“Just because you CAN afford it doesn’t mean it makes the most financial sense,” says Corey. “I like to discuss scenarios with clients to ensure if something unpredictable occurs, they can still afford the roof over their heads."

Corey’s superb understanding of finances comes from his lengthy span in the banking industry. He started at just 15 years old as a coin roller which led him to pursue a degree in finance. Immediately after graduating, Corey became a lender and hasn’t left the banking industry in 25 years.

A bonus for Corey’s customers: he provides free advice on the best spots to reel in monster fish in the winter.

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