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Free Online Bill Pay

October 28, 2021


Online Bill Pay is a free service where you can pay your bills in minutes from any device, saving you both time and money over writing and mailing paper checks.


  • Pay anyone as you would normally pay by check. Simply enter their billing information once into the system and it stores it for future payments when needed.
  • Add, edit, and delete payments at your convenience on any device! Whether you have a few minutes over lunch or are up late, Bill Pay works when you do.
  • Schedule one time or recurring payments from your eligible checking accounts. Payment frequency may vary from one time, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, annually and semi-annually.
  • Bills can be paid from any checking account you have set up on your Online World Wide Banker account.
  • Bills can be paid electronically (ACH) if the selected payee is on the electronic payee list. If they are not, checks will automatically be issued just as if you had written a check out of your own checkbook.


  • To sign up for FREE online bill pay, simply log into your Bank of Elk River Digital Banking on our homepage. Once logged in, select the Bill Payment tab. You will need to read and agree to the Bill Pay Agreement before you may use free online bill pay.

Quick Links

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Get simple, straightforward answers regarding our bill pay system.
  • Enroll in Bill Pay: Not yet enrolled in Bill Pay? Enroll today to conveniently and confidently pay, track, and manage your bills all in one place.
  • Online Demo: Watch a free demo about how Online Bill Pay can make a difference when it comes to paying your bills.
  • Interactive Demo: Practice adding payees, scheduling payments, and managing bills through our interactive Bill Pay demo.
  • Schedule a Payment: Learn how to schedule a payment through Bill Pay.
  • How to Pay a Person: This convenient feature allows you to make person-to-person payments electronically to anyone you choose.
  • Savings Calculator: How much time and money can you save when you use Bill Pay? Find out here.