Mortgage Loans

The Bank of Elk River offers 30 year Adjustable Rate and 10 year Fixed Rate, in-house mortgages for our customers.

We also work with a vendor for other first mortgage products, including but not limited to, Construction, Conventional, FHA and USDA.

Whether you’re a first time home buyer, buying that dream home or lake property, refinancing your home to reduce your monthly mortgage payments or purchasing investment property, we want to help you find the right program for your needs.

Find Out How Much You Can Afford

The first step in obtaining a mortgage is to determine the type and amount of loan for which you qualify for.  In the case of buying a home, it is extremely beneficial to determine how much home you can afford even before you begin looking. In doing so, you will be able to have an accurate price point when you are looking for the right home and will be able to begin to establish an accurate budget for homeownership. By completing a mortgage application and gathering a few items, you can be pre-approved to purchase your new home!

When should I refinance?

It is often said that you should refinance when mortgage rates are 1% lower than the rate you currently have on your loan. This is not always the case. Refinancing may be a good option even if the interest rate difference is minimal. Also, you may not be in the best mortgage product for your current financial situation. For example, you might have an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) and now you might be better off with a Fixed Rate Mortgage. We can help determine if refinancing is the best option for you at this time.

In-House Mortgages

The in-house mortgages are kept at the bank as part of our loan portfolio. Payments for this type of loan can be made at any of our locations. For more information on these loans, please contact:

Main Street Office:
     Corey Wemple,     MLO #956625     763-274-6890
     Sue Engholm,       MLO #539457     763-241-8561 

 School Street Office:
     Beth Keller,           MLO #539118    763-241-8559  

Otsego Office:
     Lee Schultz,         MLO #539023    763-241-8563  

Contact a Mortgage Lender

Loan applications will only be accepted from persons in the Greater Northwest Minneapolis / St. Paul Area. For more information about mortgage or construction loans: