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World Wide Banker

World Wide Banker (WWB) is our online banking product. Customers can access their accounts on the Internet at by obtaining a WWB ID and PIN number.

  • Customers may view information on checking, ready reserve, savings, loans, and certificates of deposit. Information available to view includes current balance, stop payments, memo posted items, current transaction items, images of checks written (only on current transactions), and access to the last three statements.
  • Ability to transfer funds between checking, savings, and ready reserve accounts. Transfers may be initiated from any of the above-mentioned accounts to pay toward a loan. Customers may make advances from their Home Equity Line of Credit into a checking or savings account (must have approval of lender for this capability).
  • Ability to download transactions into personal finance software (Money, Quicken, and Quickbooks).
  • Bill Pay capabilities (customer must sign a separate application for this product. See Bill Pay section for details).