New Year…New ATM Network and Cards

Q & A

I have received my card, now what?   Follow the directions on the card to activate.  Once you have activated the new card, please destroy the old card as it will no longer work.

What has changed?  Due to our ATM network change, The Bank Cards now have a new name and look to reflect the bank’s brand.  The expiration date has also been extended two years from your previous cards expiration date.

Why did The Bank switch ATM networks/issue new cards?  Due to some changes within Instant Cash, transactions were no longer going to be free for bank customers.  To continue to provide FREE ATM usage, The Bank joined the MoneyPass network.  The new network has over 22,000 free ATM’s nation-wide, and more local ATMs than Instant Cash.

I have automatic payments set up through my bank card, do I need to do anything?  YES.  Please contact all companies you have authorized and let them know your new expiration date.  Your account number has remained the same

Will my PIN stay the same?  Yes.  All PIN numbers and account numbers will remain the same.  The only changes are the name, the look and the expiration date.

Where are the ATM’s I can use for free?  All MoneyPass ATM’s will now be free for your use, which includes any of our five on-site ATM’s for free.  To locate additional machines, you can:

  • Go to and enter a zip code
  • Download the free iPhone or Android app
  • Ask a Banker

Can I still make deposits at an ATM?  Yes.  All five of The Bank’s ATM’s accept deposits for our customers.  If you make deposits at an off-site ATM, you will be able to continue to do so without a charge.

Can I still use my card at Instant Cash Machines?  Yes.  You may continue to use your card at Instant Cash Machines, but you will incur a fee from the ATM owner.  Also, depending on your account type, you may incur a surcharge from The Bank.  We suggest you use one of the 22,000 conveniently located MoneyPass ATM’s to avoid any charges.

HAVE ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS?  Please contact us at 763-241-8522 or visit any of our personal bankers.