Truaxis, the company that created Billshrink, has earned the trust of millions of consumers as well as the country’s leading financial institutions and merchants. At their core, they focus on delivering true value to partners and customers and do so with absolute security, respect and privacy.

Billshrink presents online rewards and discounts from favorite retailers, insights into your spending and personalized bill analysis on your largest monthly expenses – all within the transaction history of your online banking system. This innovation uses bank-level security systems, incredibly accurate reward matching technology and unparalleled data processing to present highly-tailored rewards and money-saving recommendations that, each year, help people save thousands of dollars.


The 5 Core Principles That Guide Billshrink:

1. Privacy is top priority.

With Billshrink, your personal and financial information remains secure. The system does not access or store personally identifiable information (PII) such as credit/debit card numbers, names, addresses or anything that identifies you. Your financial and personal data is completely safeguarded and no personal data is shared with third parties.

In order to deliver you rewards that are most relevant to you, only basic purchase trend data is used and this information is anonymized and encrypted. This anonymous purchase data is not combined with any other personal data from social networking sites, credit bureaus, search engines or other databanks. Additionally, they do not use persistent cookies or track web surfing behavior.

2. You are in control.

The goal is to give you rewards that you love. Their patent-pending technology matches transactions with special deals and discounts from the stores, restaurants and service providers you already favor. Through “Like” and “Dislike” buttons next to each reward, you can indicate the type of rewards you prefer so the system improves over time based on your unique preferences.

If you prefer to not see rewards or a bill recommendation, you are always presented with easy-to-find ”Hide Offers” button that disables this service from your online statement. You can then always bring rewards back should you like to see them at another time by simply clicking the “Show Offers” button.

3. Unbiased bill analysis recommendations.

Through the personalized bill analysis feature, Billshrink will simplify millions of product and service options — a billion cable and satellite packages, 10 million cell phone plan combinations and 150,000 gas stations — to provide personal, money-saving recommendations on your largest monthly expenses. Their data shows that most people are overpaying $1,000 or more each year on these expenses. Since they look at your largest expenditures, as well as your most frequent ones, they do everything possible to maximize savings to you.

These money-saving recommendations are 100% unbiased. Companies cannot pay Billshrink to appear in these bill analysis recommendations. If you find that you can save money by switching to a different credit card, TV or cell phone plan, Billpay may receive a fee from the retailer when you switch. However, these fees never impact the results presented to you.

4. Billshrink works tirelessly to save you money.

With a network that covers 94 of the top 100 U.S. retailers and thousands of local merchants, they’re sure to find you savings from a variety of your preferred stores — covering everything from mass merchandisers to your favorite local coffee shops.

5. A name you can trust.

Billshrink has found 1.6 million Americans more than $1 billion in savings on their bills and they’re just getting started. Billshrink’s hard work has won them trust and accolades from some of the country’s leading organizations and publications. They have long advocated for increased transparency between companies and their customers and are dedicated to helping you make smart decisions on where and how you spend your money.

Consumer Reports, whose mission since 1936 has been to deliver fair data to “empower consumers to protect themselves” in the marketplace, has selected Billshrink/Truaxis to provide unbiased product and service recommendations to their discerning audience. Billshrink/Truaxis was also listed among the “Top 20 Best Money Websites” by Money Magazine and named one of the “Best Web Sites” by Kiplinger’s. The company has been featured in the country’s leading news sources including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, American Banker, Consumer Reports, Fortune, The Dr. Oz Show, The Today Show, CNN, ABC and CBS.