Miscellaneous Fees

Account Closure within 6 months $20.00
Account Research ($15 minimum) per hour $30.00
Copies of Checks (each) $2.50
Fax or Mail Copies $1.00
Automatic Transfer n/c
Balance Inquiry n/c
Bank Money Orders or Cashiers Checks $5.00
Cash Card Transactions
At MoneyPass Machines n/c
At Non-MoneyPass Machines $2.00
An additional transaction fee may be assessed by the ATM owner
Cash & Check Card Transactions
Point of Sale (POS) n/c
At MoneyPass Machines n/c
At Non-MoneyPass Machines $2.00
An additional transaction fee may be assessed by the ATM owner
Cash/Cash & Check Card Replacement $5.00
Checkbook Balancing ($15 minimum) per hour $30.00
Check Cashing Fee: Customers n/c
Non-Customers ($0 - $100) $10.00
Each additional $100 $3.00
Check Printing (fee depends on style ordered)
Coin Counting: Customer n/c
Non-Customer 10% of value
Coin Purchase: Customer n/c
Non-Customer (per roll) $.10
Collection Items: Outgoing $20.00
Incoming $30.00
Counter Checks: (per sheet of 4) $2.00
Currency Purchase: Customer n/c
Non-Customer (per strap) $1.00
Deposit Bags: Zipper $5.00
Lock Bag $25.00
Deposited International Check Fee (per check) $8.00
Deposited Item Returned (per item) $4.00
Dormant Account Fee (per month) $5.00
(after 12 months for Checking and 36 months for Savings)
Foreign Currency Purchase Certified Mail costs plus... $10.00
Indemnity Bond (each) $10.00
InfoLine (763-441-3380) n/c
Interactive Statements on CD
IRA Early Closing Fee (within 6 months)
Levy/Garnishment Fees
Mastercard Gift Cards: (customers only) $4.95
MoneyGram Money Orders (customers only)
Notary Fee (Non-Customer) $1.00
Customer n/c
Overdraft Paid/Return Item Fee (per item) Maximum of 5 per day $30.00
Bounce Paid Item Fee $30.00

Business Account Continuous Overdraft (daily after 5 days)

(Note* Unpaid Overdrafts initiated from a bank service charge or fee may result in a Continuous Overdraft fee)

Photocopies (per copy) $.25
Returned Statement Fee $5.00
Safe Deposit (annual rent)
2 x 5 box $18.00
3 x 5 box $27.50
4 x 5 box $36.00
5 x 5 box $40.00
3 x 10 box $50.00
5 x 10 box $80.00
10 x 10 box $120.00
Discounts available with select account types.
Drilling Fee Drill Cost plus... $25.00
Late Fee $5.00
Lost Key Replacement $20.00
Signature Guarantee $5.00
Statement Copies (per copy) $5.00
Statement Check Images
Fronts and Backs: Personal Checking (per month) $3.00
Fronts and Backs: Business Checking (per month)
Larger Size Images (per month) $2.00
Stop Payment $30.00
Sweep Transfers (each) $3.00
Telephone Transfers n/c
Wire Transfers (customers only)
Incoming $15.00
Outgoing $25.00
Online (domestic) $20.00
International $45.00
World Wide Banker (www.TheBankofElkRiver.com) n/c
Bank-to-Bank Transfers (outbound) $3.00
Bill Pay n/c
eMobile Banking n/c
eMobile Deposit (per deposit) $1.00
Your mobile carrier's text messaging and web access charges may apply.

Effective 1/2018