World Wide Banker Business Application

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the application for World Wide Banker. Please agree to the terms of the Electronic Fund Transfer Disclosure and then fill out the form below clicking on Submit when you are finished.

 I agree to the terms of the Electronic Fund Transfer Disclosure.


Do you intend to add additional users to access this World Wide Banker Account?

If yes, and you will not be the primary administrator of the online banking account, please provide the following:
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I am 13 years of age or older and have read and agree to the terms of the ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER DISCLOSURE . I understand that World Wide Banker ID accounts that have not been used within 6 months will be considered dormant and will be closed.

For all applicants who intend to add additional users, as indicated in the question above, you are also agreeing to the terms and conditions of the WORLD WIDE BANKER CASH MANAGEMENT DISCLOSURE STATEMENT and any amendments thereto. Amendments may be made unilaterally by The Bank of Elk River and communicated to Cash Management customers in writing. Except as provided herein, all account agreements, terms and conditions, and the like which govern particular accounts also apply when such accounts are accessed through the Cash Management service.

By entering my Security Code or signing below, I represent that I am an authorized signer on all of the above accounts, and I understand that I am responsible for the security of my World Wide Banker (WWB) Identification Number (PIN) upon my first access to World Wide Banker. I understand that I am responsible to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of my WWB Identification Number and my PIN. I will not allow anyone else to obtain or use them.

The Bank of Elk River may verify any information included in this application.

Internet banking threats have changed significantly and are becoming more sophisticated. To ensure the security of your online transactions, visit

If you would like to submit your application electronically, you must enter the Security Code you use when calling our Customer Service Department, and the date below.

If you have not established a Customer Service Security Code with us or do not wish to submit your application electronically, please print this application, sign and date it. Fax, mail, or bring it to any of our offices.

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