Merchant Services & Credit Card Processing

Being able to take credit cards is vital to giving the appearance of having a viable business. It also can vastly improve cash flow by eliminating the need to carry customers on terms (have accounts receivable) and reduce risks associated with taking personal checks (fees for depositing, cashing and/or financial impacts caused by any holds or float). Our merchant processing options allow you to select the method that is best suited for your business.

Automated Response Unit (ARU)

  • If you have a low daily volume of credit card transactions, this processing option is designed for you. It enables you to process via a touch-tone telephone.
  • Many merchants that utilize temporary locations with telephone access favor this product.
  • Equipment Required:
    • Touch-Tone Telephone
    • Imprinter


  • If you will be conducting credit card transactions in person with the cardholder, this option is best for you.
  • Equipment Required:
    • Terminal and Printer or Terminal/Printer Combo
    • Imprinter for Back Up

Computer Software

  • This processing option best suits your business if you receive the cardholder number by phone or mail at least 75% of the time and operate your business by computer.
  • Mail Order/Phone Order merchants with a high volume of transactions favor this product.
  • Equipment Required:
    • Credit Card Processing Software
    • Merchant-Owned Computer Hardware

To sign up for Credit Card Processing, contact a business banker today at 763.241.8522 or contact Customer Service at [email protected].