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Business Desktop Deposit

October 28, 2021


Too busy to run to the bank? Staff runs to the bank costing your company valuable time and money that could be better used elsewhere? Get distracted at the end of the day and forget to make a deposit? Traffic accident or meeting with client runs long, causing you to miss the deposit cut off for the day and incur other fees related due to missed deposit? Avoid the risks and inconvenience associated with making physical trips to the bank. Bring the bank to your desk with Business Desktop Deposit, a software available at The Bank of Elk River.


  • Deposit checks by scanning them with a bank-provided scanner that is designed to meet the special requirements of processing check images. Check images are transmitted to the bank via a secure internet-based software and funds are then deposited into your account.
  • Make deposits 24/7. Deposits can be done in batches or one at a time.
  • Benefit from same-day credit deposit cut off time of 4:00pm.
  • Take advantage of automated transaction validation and balancing helping you to manage your accounting
  • Experience enhanced security and fraud protection


  • Bank of Elk River issued scanner
  • Computer
  • Internet Connection

To sign up for Business Desktop Deposit, contact our business banker, Lynn Backlund, today at 763.241.8595!


Lynn Backlund

Business Banker


Email: [email protected]