Online Bill Pay

Reduce time spent on administrative functions by utilizing online bill pay. Avoid the hassle of having a user ID, password and authentication process for each creditor or vendor. Manage cash flow better by paying bills when you want to pay them or utilize automatic/reoccurring payments for peace of mind.


  • Avoid the hassle of multiple IDs and passwords when making payments to creditors or vendors online.
  • Reduce your risk of identity theft and fraud.
  • Save money on time spent writing checks, courier fees, postage and the cost of not receiving credit for the payment of those funds while the check is in the mail.
  • Pay anyone as you would normally pay by check. Simply enter their billing information once into the system and it's stored for future payments when needed.
  • Schedule payments at your convenience! Have a few minutes over lunch? Up late? With Online Bill Pay, we are here for when it works for you.
  • Schedule one time or re-occurring payments from your eligible checking accounts. Payment frequency may vary from one time, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, annually and semi-annually.
  • Bills can be paid from any checking account the customer has set up on their Online World Wide Banker account, including business accounts.
  • Bills can be paid electronically (ACH) if the selected payee is on the electronic payee list. If they are not, checks will automatically be issued just as if you had written a check out of your own checkbook.


  • As of June 1, 2017, business bill pay is free of charge to bank customers.
  • To sign up for online bill pay, simply download the Bill Pay agreement, fill it out and return it to one of our bank locations or email it to us by secured email through our Contact Us page.