Safe Deposit Box

A Safe Deposit Box is a secure box located in the bank's vault in which customers may use to store valuables or important documents. The customer's key and the bank's key are needed for entry into a Safe Deposit Box.

  • Safe Deposit Boxes provide fire resistant and water resistant protection and security for any contents kept in the box.
  • To enter the SDB, the customer must sign an entry card. A bank employee will use the two keys to give the customer access to their SDB. The customer is then left alone in a private area. The bank employee and customer return the box into its vault and secure it with both keys. (The bank never views the contents of a customer's SDB).
  • A customer must be at least 18 years of age to enter into a SDB lease agreement.
  • Safe Deposit Box rentals are only available to existing checking or savings account customers.


Box Size (Inches) Annual Rent
2 x 5 $18.00
3 x 5 $27.50
4 x 5 $36.00
5 x 5 $40.00
3 x 10 $50.00
5 x 10 $80.00
10 x 10 $120.00
  • Rent is pre-paid annually.
  • $10.00 discount for Masterpiece Banking, Carefree Checking, and Ultimate Account.