Merchant Accounts

Merchant Credit Card Processing Services

Our merchant processing options allow you to select the method that is best suited for your business.

Automated Response Unit (ARU)

  • If you have a low daily volume of credit card transactions, this processing option is designed for you. It enables you to process via a touch-tone telephone.
  • Many merchants that utilize temporary locations with telephone access favor this product.
  • Equipment Required:
    • Touch-Tone Telephone
    • Imprinter


  • If you will be conducting credit card transactions in person with the cardholder, this option is best for you.
  • Equipment Required:
    • Terminal and Printer or Terminal/Printer Combo
    • Imprinter for Back Up

Computer Software

  • This processing option best suits your business if you receive the cardholder number by phone or mail at least 75% of the time and operate your business by computer
  • Mail Order/Phone Order merchants with a high volume of transactions favor this product.
  • Equipment Required:
    • Credit Card Processing Software
    • Merchant-Owned Computer Hardware