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How to Be Thankful for What You Have

How to Be Thankful for What You Have

The leaves have fallen from the trees, and a definite chill has settled in the air – sure signs that autumn is nearing its end. The approach of the Thanksgiving holiday brings with it an opportunity to reflect upon the year and give thanks. During this season of thankfulness, The Bank of Elk River offers tips and suggestions for practicing gratitude daily and being thankful for what you have.

Studies show that individuals with a regular gratitude practice feel happier and experience fewer negative emotions. Incorporate one of more of these simple suggestions into your daily routine.

  1. Keep a gratitude journal. Use a simple spiral notebook or treat yourself to a beautifully designed daybook. Each day, jot down the things for which you are grateful. You can find a wide variety of specialized gratitude journals at bookstores or online.
  2. Go beyond the Thanksgiving Day tradition and share daily gratitude with family members at the dinner table. If your family eats together less frequently, you can create a thankfulness jar. Throughout the week, each person can write down what they’re thankful for on a colorful piece of paper, and then take turns reading the items aloud on a designated day.
  3. Send three messages of gratitude each week. Send your manager at work a quick email, connect with someone on social media, or mail a thank you note and a gift card to a helpful neighbor. A meaningful, personalized note of thanks just might make someone’s day – and you’ll feel good, too.
  4. Say thank you. As basic as this sounds, making the effort to thank your partner, children, coworkers, or friends for even the smallest act can go a long way.
  5. Look for the silver lining. Even in the midst of the most difficult challenge, you can find something for which you’re thankful.

When you practice gratitude, it’s easy to immediately think of big things: your house, your vehicle, your family. But it’s perfectly acceptable (and encouraged) to acknowledge your gratitude for the little things in life, too, like your favorite candy or a night at the movies.

You can take a broader view of gratitude as well. Express your thankfulness for the variety of Minnesota’s four seasons or for the river that winds through our region. Offer thanks for your school district, your place of worship, or local businesses that make our communities unique.

Take your gratitude practice one step further and give back to those communities. Our area offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, including Adopt-A-Park, youth sports coaching, and more at the City of Elk River, occasional or ongoing shifts at the CAER Food Shelf, which offers assistance to residents of Otsego, Elk River, and Zimmerman, and many options at local senior living facilities. Find out more about local volunteer needs through the Sherburne County Area United Way or at VolunteerMatch, a network of nonprofit organizations seeking volunteers.

The Bank of Elk River supports local non-profit organizations throughout the year with financial contributions and employee volunteer engagement. During the upcoming holiday season, we’ll once again partner with several organizations that help our neighbors, including the Salvation Army and Gifts Anonymous, which collects toys and other items for Elk River and Otsego families financially unable to provide Christmas gifts to their children. We’ll also assist with the Elk River Community Christmas Dinner, an annual event that serves more than 300 families.

This season of gratitude, we at The Bank of Elk River give thanks for our valued customers and our neighbors. It is our honor to serve you, both at the bank and within the community. Thank you for the allowing to share in your lives.

Contact us to learn more about our community involvement.

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