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How Delegating Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

How Delegating Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Sunday night. You sit down with your laptop to get a head start on the week, dismayed when you open Outlook to find nearly a hundred new emails since you left the office late Friday night, many of them voicemail notifications. When you arrive at your desk Monday morning, your phone flashes with several missed calls. You take a few minutes to plan your day and prioritize your tasks. Soon those few minutes turn to thirty, the to-do list fills an entire page, and you haven’t even listened to the voicemails yet.

Some of these tasks may be preventing you from higher-level strategic planning or making important connections that will help grow your business. Read on to learn how delegating can take your business to the next level.

What’s holding you back?
If you don’t consider yourself skilled at delegation, you’re not alone. Many in today’s workforce struggle with passing along responsibilities that could be completed successfully by others. Reasons may include:

  • A tight timeline. If a project needs to be turned around quickly, it’s easy to think it will be faster and more efficient to do it yourself.
  • Lack of confidence in others. Even if a colleague has previously proven their competency, sometimes it’s difficult to trust them to perform the task to your or the client’s standards.
  • Longstanding relationships. If you’ve worked with a customer for a long time, you may feel that handing the account off to someone else will jeopardize the connection.
  • A sense of pride. You work hard, and you’re proud of the results. Transitioning a rewarding, successful project to someone else can be difficult.

Your employees will thank you.
Think of the last project you might have delegated but didn’t. What skills did you use? Did your experience with similar tasks move the process along more quickly?
Now think about a comparable undertaking that you tackled when you weren’t as knowledgeable or experienced as you are today. Maybe you were just starting out with your business and needed to figure things out along the way. Maybe your manager saw potential and gave you a shot to prove yourself.

Your employees want to prove themselves. They want to be challenged and grow. They want to learn new skills and take on new responsibilities. They need someone to give them that opportunity. As a business owner or manager, you can be that someone. Take the time to provide proper training. Your employees will thank you.

The gift of time.
Once you shift some of the projects on your to-do list, follow up on their progress, and provide feedback as necessary, it’s time to revisit your priorities. Your willingness to let go and delegate will provide the gift of time, especially if you’ve handed off regularly recurring or complex projects. The less time you spend with clients whose projects require a large amount of your attention, the more time you’ll have to develop new relationships, streamline operations, and plan for the future.

Start today. Take a look at your tasks. Delegate three right now. And then use the time you’ve freed up to explore our business services and online resources. We’re here for all your business banking needs. Contact us today.

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