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March 30, 2023

Routing Number

The Bank of Elk River's routing number is


You can locate The Bank of Elk River’s routing number along with your account and check number on the bottom of any one of your checks.

Knowing where to locate these important numbers is useful when setting up things like automatic payments for monthly bills or direct deposits into your checking or savings accounts.

At the bottom of your check there are three sets of numbers:

Routing Number

The Bank of Elk Rivers routing number is the first set of numbers, a 9-digit code, located in the lower left corner. In the US, this number is used to identify a bank or other financial institution.

Account Number

Immediately following the routing number is your account number. This number is specific to your account.

Check Number

This number is the last number you will see on the bottom of your check and is usually the shortest. The main purpose for this number is to help you keep track of your checks.

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